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With the establishment of Bülent Ecevit University in January 1993, the Department of Environmental Engineering was founded. The department, which is at the Faculty of Engineering, provides education and research with 5 professor, 1 associate professors, 5 assistant professors and 6 research assistants. The department offers the degree in Master of Science (M.Sc.) from the fall semester of 2001-2002 and the degree in Bachelor Science (B.Sc.) from the spring semester of 2006-2007. Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Bachelor Science (B.Sc.) secondary education have been offered since 2011-2011 fall semester.

Language of instruction is Turkish for Environmental Engineering department, however, %30 percent of courses are taught in English in daytime program. Daytime program of Environmental Engineering requires successful completion of one year of English Language Preparatory program or successfully completing exemption exams.

Environmental engineers have responsibility in every steps among the life cycle of any substance. Pollution prevention of air, water and soil, and conformity of services with respect to legislations are the main study areas of environmental engineering. Environmental engineering serves for science and technology with environmental ethical principles.


The mission of the Department of Environmental Engineering is to serve to the society in solving environmental problems by providing a high quality education in order to have graduate professional engineers who have up-to-date knowledge and skills; who can perform researches at national and international levels; who are capable of evaluating and solving complex problems as required by the industry and the public; who as well as being able to follow, utilize and disseminate developments in related areas of science and technology.


Our vision is to be recognized as a prominent department in environmental engineering at national and international arena as a result of high quality education, well-equipped engineers and performing successful scientific and applied research projects.


Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Engineering Department of Environmental Engineering 67100 - ZONGULDAK - TURKEY
Telephone: +90 372 291 2628
Fax: +90 372 257 4023
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